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About us

The Friedenshaus is a community initiative in Ludwigshafen Mitte.

A place for learning and meeting new people in the city.




The Friedenshaus was lauched in early 2016. Its goal is to foster new relationships and a culture of peace in our neighborhood through educational and cultural programs. We believe that walls between people can be broken down, when people get to know each other. We strive to be a place where that happens.

At the moment, the emphasis of our work is with refugees in Ludwigshafen. Through our language acquisition support sessions and other initiatives, we work to help people learn the German language and build contact with their neighbors. In doing so, we hope to compliment other initiatives in the city.

Our programs are made possible through the impressive work of volunteers. If you would like to help and volunteer yourself, or have ideas for possible new initiatives, do let us know.

We are continually adding to our program and trying out new initiatives. It’s therefore worth it to check in every now and again to see what’s happening.


Volunteer with us

Do you have time and would like to get to know new people? To use your personal gifts? Then you're in the right place!

We're looking for friendly, reliable people to help support our existing projects or develop something new.

For more information, click here.




The programs of the Friedenshaus take place in the Ludwigshafen Mennonite Church. The Friedenshaus is a project of the regional Mennonite conference in the Rhineland-Palatinate. We are also supported by Mennonite Central Committee (MCC).

The Mennonites are a protestant "Free Church" with roots in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. It is one of the historic peace churches and emphasises community, hospitality and peaceful conflict resolution.

Our programs are open for everyone, regardless of denomination, religion, background or sexual orientation. Everyone can participate, and all may volunteer according to their gifts.




Grateful for our team! Top, l-r: Angelika Wilk, Heidi Sawatzki, Cecilia Zorzin. Middle l-r: Lin Müller, Shahen Khashanw, Marilse Stahl, Marlene Foth. Front: Birgit Foth, Herman Stahl. Missing: Mia Stolzmann, Franziska Fischer.

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