• Ruth and Jack in Ludwigshafen

Notes and impressions from Friedenshaus volunteers Ruth and Jack Scott from Pennsylvania, USA.

The blog of Canadian volunteer couple Karl and Marla from Winnipeg, who served in 2016-2017 in Ludwigshafen.


A volunteer refugee support initiative that meets in the Ludwigshafen church.

An internet portal with information for refugees and helpers alike.

The graphic design office of Stephanie Brüning, who designed, among other things, our wonderful Friedenshaus logo.


The Conference of Southwest German Mennonite Churches (ASM), our sponsoring organization.

Our partner conference in Canada that helped launch the Freidenshaus and whose churches help to support this ministry.

The supporting congregation of the Friedenshaus, whose space we share.

Relief and development agency of the German Mennonites.

The German Mennonite Mission Committee, the mission board of the German Mennonites of the umbrella conference AMG.